10W Solar DC Fan

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10W Solar DC Fan
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Product Detail

The 10W Solar DC fan by Cloud Energy is a durable, energy-saving standing fan with wide blades for blowing strong winds designed for the Nigerian Market. The DC fan has an adjustable height of up to 16inch and is to be used indoor in places such as homes, offices, shops, etc. The fan comes with an inbuilt-assistive LED and indicator light with a nice body color that further beautifies your space. This product is compatible with existing inverter/solar power solutions.

Features 1
Specifications 2
  • Assistive LED light
  • 16 inch tall
  • 4 buttons on the fan's control panel (with 3 Speed switch control ), they are the speed control for "OFF, Low, Medium and High and LED Lights"
  • Working time: 8hrs at medium speed
  • The DC fan product can be powered by the sunbox, solar panel or AC(alternative current)
  • Works perfectly with existing inverter/solar power solution
Power Supply: AC80-240V or Battery/Solar Panel
Power wattage: 10W
Motor Wattage: 11W in high speed
Current consumed: 0.8A
Operating temperature: -5*C~ 50*C

Product Standards

IEC 60335-1:2010
IEC 60334-280: 2008