500W AC/DC Solar Inverter (Red)

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500W AC/DC Solar Inverter (Red)
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Product Detail

The 500W AC-DC Solar Inverter by Cloud Energy  works with both solar panel as well as without solar panels. This solar inverter transforms the DC electricity stored in batteries into standard household noiseless and fume-free AC power/electricity anytime, anywhere.  With a Cloud energy inverter you don’t have to rely on noisy generators to enjoy comfort in your homes or office.

This inverter model can be used in a wide range of applications, It will operate most televisions, personal computers/mobile devices and small appliances. To get the most out of the power inverter, it must be installed and used properly.

Features 1
Specifications 2
  • Pure sine wave output <2% THD 
  • Input & Output fully isolation design 
  • High efficiency 87%-90%
  • Internal and external heat sinks
  • Multi-stage thermal control fan
  • Frequency 50/60HZ selective switch
  • Re-start function
  • Complete protection design


Smart start function design

  • Maximizing startup performance
  • Dynamic DC Bus Voltage regulation
  • Soft-start technology improves reliability
AC voltage100/120/230V
Continuous power300W600W
Surge power600W1200W
WaveformPure sine wave
AC regulation±5%
Receptacles2 pcs for type2, 1pcs for type 3 4 5 6
LED indicatorGreen LED for power on; red LED for power fail ure status
DC current40A(12V)/20A(24V)10A(48V)70A(12V)/35A(24V)18A(48V)
No load current draw0.6A(12V)/0.3A(24V)0.2A(48V)0.9A(12V)/0.5A(24V)0.3A(48V)
DC voltage12V/24V/48V
Voltage range10.5-16VDC(12V)/21-32VDC(24V)/42-64(48V)
DC connectorCable*1pc
Fuse1pc 3pcs
BAT. lowalarm11±0.5v(12v)/22±1v(24v)/44±2v(48)
BAT. lomshutdown10.5±0.5v(12v)/21±1v(24v)/42±2v(48)
Over voltage16±0.5v(12v)/32±1v(24v)/64±2v(48)
Over temperature55±5℃
Short circuipro tectionShut-off
BAT. PolarityFuse burn out
Over loadRe-start 2 times, shut down in failed
Working temp.0--+40 ºC
Working humidity20%--90% rh non-condensing
Storagetemp.humidity-30--+70 ºC /--22F, 10—95%rh
Temp. coefficient±0.05% ºC (0-55 ºC)
EMIconducyion&radiationComplian to EN55022 class B,72/245/CEE,95/54/CE
EMS immunityCompliance to EN61000-4-2.3
LVDCompliance to EN60950
Dim ension(*w*h)260*129*82.5mm285*179*82.5mm
Nte. Weight2.0kg2.8kg
Gross weight(with cable)2.2kg3.0kg