MPPT-30A/96V Charge Controller (GREEN)

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MPPT-30A/96V Charge Controller (GREEN)
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Product Detail

This is a new type advanced solar charge controller which uses Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, the charging efficiency improved 30% more than PWM Charging mode, it saves more than 30% solar panel and saves much cost for users. This type advanced solar charge controller has perfect functions, it helps charging for various types of battery Using three period charging mode, intelligent heat dissipation control, 99.5% conversion efficiency and other advantages, our MPPT solar charge controller is widely used for solar off grid system (independent system).

Features 1
Specifications 2

1. MPPT maximum tracking efficiency ≥99.5%
2. Dual-core (ARM CPU+DSP) control architecture improves the system response speed and optimizes the performance of the system
3. LCD displays data and state
4. Charge & discharge record of each day, month, year and total value
5. 4 battery type options: sealed, gel, flooded and user-defined 
6. Programmable battery management parameters 
7. Built-in running data and event logging maximum 15 months 
8. Communication: RS232, RS485 with Modbus protocol, CANbus extendable
9. PC software available for real time monitoring and parameter setting 
10. Field up-gradable firmware
11. Multi-phase control technology, optimizes charging current smoothness, reduces ripple and improves the system efficiency


Battery System Volt.12/24V(Auto)
Maximum PV Power   2000W  3000W 4000W5000W5000W
Output Current   20A30A40A 50A 60A
MPPT Input Volt.Range 140-240VDC
Charge Volt.88.4V-112.4V
Recommend PV Input Volt.170V for 96V battery pack
MPPT Efficiency      ≥99.6%
MPPT Tracking Efficiency      ≥99.5%
Standby Consumption   ≤10W 
Ingress Protection    IP20 
Noise dB(A)      ≤55 
Communication     RS485(optional)
Display      LCD+LED
Working Temperature    -20 ~ 55℃ 
Size L*W*H      255*180*75
Weight(kg)     3.5