Solar Harvest Promo

Take part in the Cloud Energy Solar Harvest Promo on Solar Bundles and Inverter Bundles!

Benefits of the Promo

  • 30% Initial Payment of Total Cost

  • Payment Balance spread over 4 Months 

  • Zero Interest rate

To be eligible:

  • You MUST be an employee at a Tertiary Institution or
  • MUST be an employee in a corporate organization.


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The following will be required:

For Tertiary Institution Workers

  • Valid ID Card from the Tertiary Institution
  • Appointment Letter
  • Letter of Identification from Faculty/Head of Department of the Institution
  • Guarantor Letter from Union Head

For Corporate Workers

  • Valid ID Card from the Company/Organization
  • Utility Bills
  • Guarantor Letter (Preferrably from the Company/Organization)
  • Letter from Company/Organization's Human Resource Manager



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