2018- How green will you be?

With the New Year in and resolutions set, starting the year right is essential for a fulfilling end. Let's look at how we can make 2018 green for our ourselves and the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our conservation.

1. Turn off unused power/unplug devices

unplug and turn off devices

The amount of power consumed in your home or office depends on the number of devices and appliances being used and for how long it is kept on. For example, the new generation TVs such as LCDs, LEDs and OLEDs consumes around 50-70 watts. When appliances are not in used, turn them off to save power! Also, look for the ENERGY STAR rating on appliances for compliance with energy-saving.

2. Use LED Light bulbs

With different light bulbs serving different ambients and moods, getting an idea of much it consumes is ideal to know it effect on your electric bill. Light bulbs such as incadescent light bulbs generate 90% heat and consume power more unlike the LED bulbs which save 80% of energy, are more durable, have hight lighting quality than the former. Now LED bulbs are becoming common and ranging in different designs from industrial and commercial to home lighting to suite needs allowing for beautification yet keeping your less hot and green.

3. Consider Solar Solution

Solar Solution

Among the eco-friendly means of power generation is solar!(power generated from the sun). Some still think solar is very expensive to setup however it saves a whole lot more in the long run. Among the benefits of using solar as power solution include:
  • Clean energy is generated
  • No destruction to the environment
  • It's easy to setup 
  • Maintenance cost is relatively low
  • It can be setup in remote areas even where the national grid isnt accessible
  • Can power the same appliances as the grid
Cloud Energy provides exceptional solar solutions to suite different power needs.


4. Inform others about going green/Help others go green

Inform others about going green/Help others go green

What better way to encourage others to conserve than to practice it and inform others too! These people can be our neighbours, colleagues, community leaders who may just be looking for that little push to go the eco-way. Who knows the decision they take may see a significant impact in their power usage. Here are some things to try:
  • Jog or walk to nearby places in your area instead of hoping in a vehicle
  • Share information on environmental issues or conservation via social media, flyers, brochures and other media
  • Attend a Renewable Energy workshop or event

5. Print less when not neccessary

Print less when not neccessary

Many companies are taking the initiative to use less paper and communicate via the electronic means such as emails, IMs and ultimately reducing  the number of trees used in the production of paper. You too can take this step and inform your recipients by adding a disclaimer to your email signature reading "Less printing saves the environment." just like ours.



Reduce the number of cartons you collect for items bought at the mall or grocery store. Instead of having 5 cartons, you can request for 1 that's able to take up your load, this saves you load and space and also helps the company save packaging cost which could be used for charity.
Reuse the packaging boxes or grocery bags if its in good condition.
Recycle old materials
The number of used materials that go into the trash daily around the world which could otherwise be converted to something else and reused and later recycled. 
Fact: According to World Bank Group, the current world's solid waste generation levels are 1.3 billion tonnes yearly and its expected to increase to 2.2 billion tonnes by year 2025.
Recyclable materials such as paper, polythene can be converted into something else by recycling companies. All you made need to do is sort items that are recyclable and deposit them at their respective spots for collection. for instance, old newspapers/magazines can be recycled to make other print materials. Companies in Nigeria such as Wecyclers and e-Terra(an e-waste management organization) are also reducing waste in the environment.
For our future to be safe, it is important that our planet earth is properly taken care of and environment stay clean and healthy. By following the information provided in this post we can make a positive contribution.
Are you ready to go green this 2018? then contact us or share your thoughts in the comment. Dont forget to share!
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