Mothers are precious in One thousand and one (1001) ways, and celebrating her on Mother's Day is among those ways. Aside flowers, cakes and cards we've put together 4 energy-saving gift ideas for that Special Woman (your Mum). 

The Gift Ideas

  • 1 Change Mum’s Light Bulbs

You know mum complains about the light bulbs getting burnt when there's light fluctuations. Help her make the switch to more durable and energy-efficient LED bulbs. Swapping out costly and inefficient incandescent light bulbs in the home for CFL (Chloroflurocarbon) or LED (Light-Emitting Diode) bulbs can save as much as 75-80% a year on lighting costs. Cloud Energy LED Bulbs are long-lasting, 80% energy saving and durable. In addition, they can last 10-20 times longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. For the greatest savings, look for LED bulbs with ENERGY STAR logo on it.
For more information on improving your home’s lighting, please see our Lighting Tips post.
  • 2 Surprise her with a Sunbox

Mums like to be productive at all times and what better way to support her than with getting the Sunbox for her.
The Cloud Energy Sunbox is an all-in-one design comprising of a small inverter system, 3 LED Bulbs, phone chargers, a DC fan, a 30W solar panel and adapter. With this system , mum can light up her shop, get comfort and above all achieve more.
  • 3 Get her a Solar Fridge/Freezer

Resourceful and enterprising are words that quality Mums. Mums always like to get their hands on something to support the family. If your mum is into retailing of consumables, consider getting a solar fridge or freezer. With this coolant she can provide her customers fresh and cool consumables and also prolong the storage. Moreso, it will help her save energy and money.
  • 4 Consider installing her a Solar Solution

Remember the day mum was putting you through some homework and the lights went off and the backup generator seemed not to work? Well not anymore, by installing a solar solution (solar inverter, batteries and solar panels) mum can do more at home or work, invite her friends and family over for the weekend while the are lights on. With the solar installation, she gets to reduce her electricity bills, reduce environmental pollution and contribute to renewable energy making her a Renewable Energy Supporter. Cloud Energy offers solar solution installation for residential or commercial use with flexible payment options making it affordable inclusive of maintenance and warranty.
Do you have other eco-friendly gift ideas or tips for mother's day? Share in the comments! 
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