Resolve your energy needs with great deals at promo prices this holiday season.

In the spirit of the festive season, Cloud Energy is offering the opportunity to get alternative power solutions at affordable rates and WIN FREE GIFTS! This year, our deals run on selected inverters and Solar power bundles (solutions). When it comes to power, you can never get it wrong with Cloud Energy providing alternative electricity solutions for your home and office needs.

We offer the following deals at promo rates. In addition to this, you also get to pay for these products with our flexible payment options.

Our Offer

Inverter Solutions: Our inverter bundle solutions come in three categories:

  1. If you purchase a 1KVA inverter + 200AH battery, you can go home with 4 free bulbs. This solution has the capacity of powering 3fans, 6LED lights, 1tv and your mobile phones.
  2. Getting a higher capacity; A 3.6KVA inverter plus 2 200AH batteries gets you a free gift of 1 fan and 4 bulbs. The solution has the capacity of carrying 6 fans, 10 LED lights, 2 TVs and 1 Fridge.
  3. And if you can get a 3.6KVA with 4 200AH batteries, you can be sure of getting 2 fans and 6 bulbs all for free. The solution will also power 6 fans, 10 LED lights, 2 TVs plus 1 freezer.

2018 xmas promo bundle

Solar Bundles: Just like the inverter bundles, the solar solutions also fall under three categories. They are:

  1. 1KVA + 1 200AH battery and 4pieces of 150W Panel. With a capacity to power of 3 fans, 6 LED bulbs, 1 TV and phones; you get the following free gifts – 1 fan and 1 bulb
  2. 3KVA plus 2 units of 200AH batteries with 8 pieces of 250W Solar panel. This solution has the capacity to power 6 fans, 10 LED bulbs, 2 TVs and 1 fridge. You get 3 fans and 6 LED bulbs for free.
  3. 3.6KVA + 4 units of 200AH batteries with 8 pieces of 250W Solar Panel will power 6 fans, 10 LED bulbs 2 TVs and a freezer. This solar solution qualifies you to win 4 fans plus 10 LED bulbs for free.

2018 cloud energy xmas promo solar bundles

Payment Options


The three months plan falls on all bundle solutions on offer. With an initial down payment of 25% of the overall cost and the balance of 75% spread over the three months.


Cloud Energy also offers a six months plan on all bundle solutions. Just like the 3months plan, you also have a down payment of 25% on the total amount to be paid. The 75% remaining is then divided by 6 (the number of months needed).

This offer is available from 12th November, 2018 till February 28th, 2019Contact Us today!

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