Cloud Energy’s Resellers’ Business Forum couldn’t have gone any better. It was more like a family reunion. Explicit, concise fun-filled knowledge sharing session and yes, enough food and drinks to feed the nation.

On the 12th of October 2017, the cloudy weather couldn’t prevent the program from kicking off at exactly 11am.

A brief introduction of highly distinguished personnel was quickly followed by a review of our ethics (Team work, Professionalism, Integrity and Responsiveness), the theme for the event (Constant Solar Electricity for All) was echoed while discussing the electricity crisis in Nigeria. Shortly afterwards, Cloud Energy products were introduced, ranging from solar panels, batteries, inverters, LED bulbs, charge controllers and many more.

CE products

Quality time was taken to explain the strengths of these products and how they can work in synergy to eliminate power outage in the country.


At this point, a brief tea break was observed in correlation with the questions and answers session, where various resellers asked mind-boggling questions, aiming their frustrations at the current state of electricity in the country. Our hardworking M.D, Engr. Theophilus Nweke was at hand to assemble the puzzle.

He went further to unravel the resellers proposition, stating in details what the resellers stand to gain by keying into the program.

At last, the highly-anticipated Cloud Energy Solar Home Lighting System was unveiled.

Addressing participants, Mr. Nweke announced that Cloud Energy in partnership with Power Africa would lunch in the first quarter of 2018, higher specifications of the product to provide electricity for more levels of the underserved population. He assured that the new systems, curently being domesticated in the Cloud Energy reasearch and development, would have the capacity  to power basic equipment including television and laptops. He added that Nigerians would have the choice of comparably more durable solutions on a pay as you go or rent to own schemes. The introduction of the Multi-Function Solar Home Systems is a fulfilment of the cloud Energy management's determination to create affordable access to solar renergy for all segments of the Nigerian society. Indeed, it was a mission accomplished for Cloud Energy.

In case you missed the forum, you can get the PowerPoint slide here  and read more here                                                                                              

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