The yuletide is here again. Seasons like this, Christmas and New Year, are known to be a period of giving. This year is also not different. Here are Three (3) amazing energy-saving/power products that are perfect gifts for this holiday season.


SunBox: To begin with, the Sun Box provides you with just the needed power for the best value of money. With the effect of climate change, this product provides you with the perfect gift to give to that special someone this season. This is because the Sun Box comes with a host of unique features. Aside from it acting as a power source that you can use to charge your mobile devices, it also gives you three USB ports, a fan, radio, memory card slot that you can use to play your MP3s, three super-bright LED bulbs and a solar panel which can be used to charge the Sun Box without electricity. The sun box, a portable solar home lighting system, will fit nicely in a small scale businesses or rural areas where electricity is scarce. You can get it here


LED Bulbs: Christmas is a period of bright lights and merry making. Our LED bulbs are the best bet in brightening your home. These bulbs are more durable and brighter than the regular incandescent bulbs, they are also built to be light and energy saving. Don’t also forget that they are safer because they generate less heat. Whichever capacity that you buy, be assured of a great gift to give with great value for money. Another reason for getting these LED bulbs is that you help that special person to save more money that may have been spent on energy charges and frequent bulb replacement. It is available here


Solar, DC/Rechargeable Fans: The Holiday period is a great way to prepare for the new year. With the coming of the dry season, we all know how hot the dry season can be. It is even worse these days because of the effect of the climate change. You can never get it wrong with our fans. These fans are great ways of beating the heat at pocket friendly prices. Help that special someone to prepare for the New Year with our rechargeable fans. They are available here


So, there you have it; 3 Great gifts for the Holiday Season to give to family and friends.

Where to get them? These products are available for purchase online at with the convenience of delivery to your preffered location.

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