2018- How green will you be?

With the New Year in and resolutions set, starting the year right is essential for a fulfilling end. Let's look at how we can make 2018 green for our ourselves and the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our conservation.


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3 Factors to consider before picking Light Bulbs for Every Room in Your House

Lighting is essential in every home, it can impact everything from your sleep schedule to your brain power.
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Unbox Your Multi-Function Solar Home Lighting System

The all in one design of the multi-function Cloud Energy Solar Home Lighting System begins from the inside out.

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What Lead Acid Batteries are

When people think about lead or Lead-Acid batteries, they usually think about a car battery.
Lead Acid Batteries(LABs) or Lead Batteries are secondary batteries(meaning they are rechargeable) in which
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Why Do Green Spaces Matter??

Trees and parks not only make our cities better, but have a direct effect on our mental and physical health. They are more than just pretty additions to our neighborhood, they make our environments healthier and lifts our heart and minds.

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Managing Used Lead Acid Batteries

A recent training workshop themed Evironmentally Sound Management of Used Lead Acid batteries and organized by the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of Nigeria(REDIN) in collaboration with Clean Technology Hub and REAN(Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria) held on 20, October 201
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The Cloud Energy Resellers' Business Forum Recap

Cloud Energy’s Resellers’ Business Forum couldn’t have gone any better. It was more like a family reunion. Explicit, concise fun-filled knowledge sharing session and yes, enough food and drinks to feed the nation.

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The Cloud Energy Resellers' Business Forum

Having bagged the “Most Outstanding Energy Solutions Provider” at the Titans of Technology Awards 2016, Cloud Energy’s insatiable hunger for success has driven her into developing outstanding customer-friendly tech

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We are asked fairly often: I have an existing inverter system, can I make it solar? How difficult is it to upgrade? Can I also add more panels to my system down the road? Is it pocket friendly to upgrade to solar in the long run?

Our answer is always the affirmative!!!

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Nigeria’s Technology Achievements

Nigerians are known world- wide to be some of the happiest people on earth. They are jolly at all times. You see them smile, shake hands, hug and strike conversations with people regardless of the challenges around them. They are passionate and hardworking in every area of their endeavor.

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