As muslim faithfuls around the world prepare for the holy month of Ramadan, it is necessary to note how generating electricity using solar power can contribute to fulfilling the muslims' spiritual goals to get immense benefits from the month.


Getting a Portable Solar Home System

During Ramadan spiritual activities are at peak from the night prayers to morning and evening meal preparations (suhur and iftar) which require electricity/lights. The Sunbox, a safe and portable solar home system is useful for these activities.
With the Sunbox features you can light up your prayer rooms/mosque with the 3W LED bulbs, listen to sermons during the day via the built-in FM radio or play your favourite Quran reciter through the MP3 player, stay connected to family and friends by keeping your mobile devices charged (with USB connectors) while getting comfort with the addon standing fan. Above all its affordable!

Consider a Solar Power Solution 

Power needs varies. Families and indeed mosques can save money by getting a solar power solution as a backup power source.
With a solar solution, you get to generate your own electricity and choose what appliances to power. The money saved can then be used for other worthy causes such as donation, feeding the poor, organizing seminars and more. All it takes is to get your power need, schedule a site assessment, design and install the solution at your location.
It is possible to get a solar power solution through flexible payment options with our Solar Ownership Scheme designed for workers in both private and government sectors.

Switching to LED light bulbs

There have been cases of damaged incadescent bulbs due to low voltage leading to blackout in the mosque or at the house thereby disrupting activities. With LED (Light-Emitting Diode) bulbs this is the total opposite. LED bulbs are energy-saving, long-lasting, super-bright, they can withstand voltage instability and are not expensive.  

*The idea of including LED bulb here is mainly because it helps in saving energy and money and fits perfectly well with a solar powered solution. 
Now you know how Solar Power can play a significant role in providing clean and steady electricity during Ramadan.
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