The all in one design of the multi-function Cloud Energy Solar Home Lighting System begins from the inside out. Every part of the system’s layout was well rethought to break through the confines of obscurity to reveal a portable and comfortable device. The CE-025R lighting system pack ships in a stylish mixture of yellow, white and black colors.

sola home system pack

Open the box and inside we find one of the most comprehensive, richest, plug and play sets of lighting gears available. Let’s take a look at what is inside the box...

·        3 Energy Saving LED bulbs.

·        3 Bulb holders

·        Mobile phone charging adaptor with 5 different ports for versatility.

·        The CE-025R lighting system (with inbuilt 9Amp battery)

·        User manual


solar home system unbox contents


When you take the foil off the lighting system, it revels the company’s name “Cloud Energy” boldly written on the top with the presence of an antenna and a handle for portability not going unnoticed.

solar home system box content


solar home system

Flipping the system to the left, you’ll notice the USB MP3 port and SD card slot that is available to play any music/audio stored in an external USB disk or a micro SD. Next to them are the radio buttons that gives you absolute control of what to listen to.

solar home system ports


On the opposite side, lies the Solar battery charge indicator to remind you to charge on time and a solar sensitivity indicator to check charging efficiency. A pair of USB ports for the mobile phone charging adaptor, 4 ports to connect the LED bulb holders, 3 available ports for the solar panel and the AC/DC Adapter for charging.

solar home system ports



solar home system

The Solar Home Lighting System comes with 5 available options, based on your desired need:

1.     Solar Home Lighting System and 30W Solar panel

2.     Solar Home Lighting System and AC/DC Adapter

3.     Solar Home Lighting System, AC/DC Adapter and 30W Solar panel

4.     Solar Home Lighting System, DC Fan and 30W Solar panel

5.     Solar Home Lighting System, DC Fan and AC/DC Adapter


It is easy to operate at first sight (thanks to the descriptive icons present on each port/connector and therefore provides a good user experience), has FM radio and MP3 for entertainment, powers fan, lighting and mobile charging with a 12V/9000mAh SLA battery that can light up multiple rooms for family use at the same time and can be charged with a generator or any form of electricity.

It’s suitable for farmers, students, clinic/health units, people in remote areas, chapels, shops, new parents, corps members, etc.


30W solar panel


Full Battery Run-Time:

 1 bulb = 34 Hrs

 2 bulbs = 17 Hrs

 3 bulbs = 11 Hrs

 1 fan = 12-22 Hrs


Get the Cloud Energy Solar Home Lighting System here


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