Cloud Energy Solar Ownership Scheme (CESOS)

Cloud energy solar ownership scheme

 You can be part of the Cloud Energy Solar Ownership Scheme!

The Cloud Energy Solar Ownership Scheme is designed to support Nigerians to get over the frustrations of little or non-availability of electricity supply by switching to Sustainable self-generation of Electricity using Cloud Energy Solar System or conserving Electricity using Cloud Energy Inverters. The Solar Ownership Scheme removes the barrier of non-affordable Solar and Inverter Systems through the introduction of up to 3-months payment plan for Solar and Inverter bundles designed to create easier and effective access to solar energy.

Who can participate?

The Cloud Energy Solar Ownership Scheme is for Nigerians, especially workers in state and federal government parastatals, organized community groups, staff of various schools, university lecturers, cooperatives, churches organizations, mosques members, banks, military and para-military institutions, traders associations, farmers associations and other various associations.

How to get started with the CESOS 

All who wish to participate in the program need to produce valid identification, evidence of gainful, evidence of responsible citizenship like utility bills, and an introductory letter from a bank and reference letter from their friends or employer or heads of department. With an initial payment of 20% of total cost and a plan that spreads the balance up to 3 months, the Solar or Inverter bundle is installed. 

All products in the bundle are covered by manufacturers’ warranty of one (1) year, while solar panel has additional manufacturers’ warranty of ten (10) years.

By enrolling in the Cloud Energy Solar Ownership Scheme through your association, trade union, staff union or co-operative, we would install the full solution for you upon receipt of initial upfront payment of 20% of the total cost. The balance payment would be spread over a period of 3 months.

To Apply for the Cloud Energy Solar Ownership Scheme, click here.

The Benefits

The benefits include:

  1. Access to constant Electricity
  2.  Saves you a lot of money; that would have been spent on fuel and recurrent generator maintenance
  3. A substantial reduction on electric bills even if they are estimated
  4. The flexibility of asset financing enhances your cash flow management. You are able to acquire an exceedingly valuable asset without cash flow pressure on disposable income. Easy life – better life!
  5. Transformation of communities and families
  6. Increased Productivity (parents, children and households can do more that matters to them)
  7. Better quality of life( fumes and noise from generating sets is eradicated thereby reducing health hazards and diseases such as Cancer )

How to Apply


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Application Checklist (for processing)

  • 1)      Completed application form
  • 2)      Utility bill for your place of residence
  • 3)      Valid Means of identification (International passport/Drivers license)   
  • 4)      Completed guarantor form
  • 5)      Copy of bank statement( Six(6) months)

Completed Application form and other required documents should be submitted to our office

By either Courier to:

Cloud Energy Photoelectric ltd
85 Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi Lagos Nigeria


Via email to:

We urge Nigerians, individuals and corporate bodies to key into the Cloud Energy Solar Ownership Scheme and endow yourself with access to constant electricity.

The Cloud Energy Solar Ownership Scheme is also designed to educate the public on the benefits of using Solar and conservation of electricity as a means of quickening the pace of the nation towards the attainment of the renewable energy goals of 2020. The program contributes to the fight against climate change and would create thousands of jobs in the clean energy sector.

What products are in each Solar or Inverter bundle (before Add-ons)?

Each solar or inverter bundle is configured to provide steady electricity in homes and offices running appliances like Fans, Televisions, radios, fridges, laptops, indoor lightings, perimeter lightings, etc.

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