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Why Solar
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Discover the benefits of solar energy

with the Cloud Energy Advantage

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Why Should You Go Solar?

There are many benefits to going solar for your energy needs. Going solar can drastically reduce your monthly electric bill. It can shield you from future energy rate increases and give you energy independence from the utility company. Best of all, for little to no upfront cost, you increase the value of your home or business while protecting the environment around us.

Discover the savings! Talk to a Cloud Energy representative today to learn more about going solar!

Solar For Business

Solar for Small Business

Small Businesses See Big Impact with Solar

Solar for Small Business

Small business owners need the resources such as electricity to move themselves forward in order to contribute to the economy. However, with the inadequacy of the resource along with the high electricity bills small businesses often find it hard to thrive.

These small businesses may see the biggest financial impact to their cash-flow when investing in a solar electric system. If you have rooftop space, land area, or carport space, you have an unused area that can help offset your operational expenditures. Power your business and reduce your monthly electricity overhead.

Solar for Big Business

Big companies are finally beginning to see the light.

It is possible for top corporations and businesses to double their capacity to produce electricity through solar.

Retail stores generally have large roofs and vast energy needs. Those two factors, plus the desire for sustainability and good publicity, present opportunities for solar companies.

Solar for Big Business

Solar for Big Business

Solar is Strategic for Big Businesses

Solar for Government

Solar for Government

We can help you meet your renewable goals on time and within budget.

Solar for Goverment

Cloud Energy has the experience to help you formulate your RFP(Request for Proposal) for bid so it may be comprehensive and reflective of your unique needs to comply with Nigeria's energy policies and strategies mandates. Our experience within the commercial and civic will ensure your project is done right and within budget.

Every solution we design excels in quality for superior performance. Our integration and installation is the among the most efficient in the market, which ensures our customers receive the highest value product on the market.

Solar for Home Owners

Have you considered switching to solar for your home energy needs recently? Well now is the Right time! Making the switch to solar energy has never been easier or more affordable.

There are significant benefits to going solar for your home energy needs with Cloud Energy. From the moment we begin designing your solar system to the day we install it, our Engineers and Client Service representatives are always available to ensure the "solar-switch" process is seamless.

Solar for Home Owners

Solar for Home Owners

Making the switch to solar energy has never been easier or more affordable.

Switch to Solar

Making the Solar Switch Simple

Cloud Energy will be there with you every step of the way.

Making the Solar Switch Simple

Our Client Service Representative will guide you through all options, including how to get your solar project approved within the federal budget cycle. We will help you list all of the items you need to consider for your RFP.

  • Matching solar solutions with your specific goals
  • Providing financing options for your department to consider
  • Design a solar electric system that will dramatically reduce your electricity consumption
What benefits Nigeria more than to join the world in sustainable, renewable energy use?

From rooftop solar to large-scale utility solar projects, Cloud Energy is contributing to a Greener Nigeria. We are able to help Nigerian consumers save money, boost the economy and reduce pollution nationwide.

“Solar enables schools to save money, enrich learning and keep teachers in the classroom, all while providing local jobs and generating emissions-free electricity.”

Innovative Schools Are Improving Education with Solar

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No upfront costs to install your system
  • You can dramatically reduce your monthly electric bill
  • Shield yourself from future energy rate increases
  • Gain independence from utility company
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Protect the environment
  • GUARANTEED energy production for up to 25 years
  • And a whole lot more!

Solar Panel

Sunlight is absorbed into the cells of the solar panels. The electrons between the charged silicon layers of the cells of the panels become excited and produce Direct Current(DC) electricity.

Charge Controllers

Charge controllers (also known as charge regulators or just battery regulators) limit the rate of current being delivered to the battery bank from the Solar panels and protect the batteries from overcharging. Good charge controllers are crucial for keeping the batteries healthy, which ensures the lifetime of the battery bank is maximized.

Battery Bank

The battery bank(or batteries) is essentially a group of batteries wired together that stores the current for later use.


The solar electricity passes through an inverter, which turns the DC into the Alternate Current(AC) power that is delivered to the house.

Your Solar Liberty! Your new solar electricity first powers any lights, appliances, or equipment you happen to be using in the building.

Since every customer’s needs are unique, the exact solar panel system cost will depend on system size, ease of installation, and state rebates or incentives. Each installation is custom built depending on the unique power needs of each residence.

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