Instalment Payment Plan

The Cloud Energy Solar Access Program (CESAP) introduces an instalment payment plan designed to enable our existing and prospective customers get acquire Solar Bundle Solutions and Inverter Bundle Solutions easily with affordable and flexible payment options( from 3 to 12 months).  

Under this payment plan, Customers can purchase Our Quality products and pay over a period of Three(3) to Twelve(12) months.

This is in recognition of the present economic realities in the country and also borne of our desire to contribute meaningfully to energy conservation and earth saving technologies.

CESAP Instalment Payment Plan Benefits

The benefits to gain with the Instalment Payment Plan include:

  1. Affordable and easy access to constant Electricity
  2. No recurrent operational cost as there is no need to buy fuel
  3. A substantial reduction on electric bills even if they are estimated
  4. Increased Productivity and 24/7 entertainment
  5. Advanced quality of life
  6. Improved security

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