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The 5Kva Voltage Stabilizer /AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) is designed with advanced control technology using top quality components. Capable of supplying stabilized power and protection to lights, TVs, air-conditioners, refrigerators, computers, washing machines, fans, duplicating machines etc. in homes, schools, offices, hotels or wherever stabilized voltage is needed.

Some features of the 5Kva Cloud Energy Stabilizer are wide input voltage compatibility (low and high voltage compatibility), high reliability,  output voltage stabilizing, energy-saving property as well as delayed output protection.

  • ₦44,500.00

5Kva Stabilizer

CPU Controlled SMT-based(Surface-Mount Technology) Circuit
Latest Toroidal Transformer Technology
LED Digital Display for Input and Output Voltage
Maximum Power Efficiency and Fast Reaction
Precise Under and Over Voltage Protection
Precise Selectable Delay Time
Overload Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Lowest Self-consumption to Save Energy when on Zero load
Integrated Intelligent Cooling Fan Auto Starting At 60 Degree Celsius
Wide Input Voltage Range
Wide Range Application suitable for home and office appliances including Air Conditioner

CEDR- 5000VA
POWER : 5000VA
INPUT: 100-260V~
OUTPUT: 220V ~ 10%