renewable energy

The Power of the Sun in a Box

8 January, 2019 /

The radiation of the sun in a day is powerful enough to sustain man for a whole year. If you understand this, you will be able to grasp the hidden power that is embedded in it.

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10 Things to know about the NREEE Policy, 2015

13 June, 2018 /

The National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (NREEE) Policy for Nigeria was created to propose a framework for action to address Nigerians challenge of inclusive access to modern and clean energy resources, improved energy security and climate objective

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Apple Goes Big in Solar Adventure!!!

7 August, 2017 /

Solar energy has been rapidly embraced by the technology world, thanks to the renewable energy initiative RE100 that helps companies and municipalities reach 100% ren

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3 Ways Going Solar changes Your Life

14 March, 2017 /

Going Solar

When you go solar with Cloud Energy you can relax knowing you're generating clean energy from the sun.
You know that a solar energy system will change how you power your home.
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10 reasons to support renewable energy

12 January, 2017 /
Discussions about climate change and energy consumption can frequently be heard on the street: advantages and disadvantages of gas, coal and oil, the nuclear controversy, the viability of renewables… here are 10 that explains the vital role of clean energies w
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