Solar panels

The Cloud Energy Resellers' Business Forum Recap

18 October, 2017 /

Cloud Energy’s Resellers’ Business Forum couldn’t have gone any better. It was more like a family reunion. Explicit, concise fun-filled knowledge sharing session and yes, enough food and drinks to feed the nation.

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Price Reduction on Cloud Energy Solar Panels

14 August, 2017 /

As Cloud Energy grows, we continue to seek ways to improve customer satisfaction. We work towards driving down costs while maintaining our outstanding supply of efficient Energy solutions.

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What You Must Consider Before Purchasing a Solar Power System

7 August, 2017 /

Before you pull out your cheque book and hire a solar contractor to install your solar power system, you should complete an energy efficiency audit of your home/office first.

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Which Solar Panel Type is Best? Mono- vs. Polycrystalline vs. Thin Film

17 May, 2017 /
There’s a myriad of variables that you should take into account when you are buying a solar photovoltaic (PV) system – our job here at Cloud Energy is to help you sort through them!!!


Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Solar cells made of monocrystalline silicon

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Weather and Solar Panel Efficiency

11 May, 2017 /
Contrary to popular belief, Mother Nature doesn’t have a huge effect on solar production. In this blog post we'll be talking about the effects of different  weathers on solar panels. So, how do solar panels work in bad weather? Just like they do in good weather.
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The Future of PV Solar Roofing

2 May, 2017 /
Tesla Motors and SolarCity (a Solar company in the US) are partnering to build integrated solar glass shingle roofs and announced an anticipated launch of the Tesla Solar roofing product at the end of October according to Elon Musk; Tesla's Chairman.
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Common Solar Terms You Should Know

27 April, 2017 /
Solar energy doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated. If you’ve been looking at solar systems for your home, business or school, you’ve probably heard some unfamiliar industry jargon. Don't be put off by the words.
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5 Essential questions to consider before going solar

18 April, 2017 /

Should I Put Solar Panels on My House?

So you’re thinking about going solar and you’re probably wondering: Is solar cost effective? Is my roof suitable for solar panels? Will solar energy generate enough electricity to power my home?
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What Are solar Panels Made Of?

11 April, 2017 /
Whether it’s the food we consume, the beauty products we wear or the technology we use, consumers want to know what exactly these things are made of. We seek confidence that what we’re buying is safe for ourselves, our families and the environment. Solar shoppers/ethusiasts are no different.
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