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CE Solar and Home Inverters

Dependable Electricity with Cloud Energy Home and Solar Inverters for doing more that matters. Superior compatibility with most electrical appliances (500W-30KW)

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Cloud Energy Batteries

High Performance, Rechargeable and Long-lasting Cloud Energy Batteries for more power savings(52AH-600AH).

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CE Solar Panels

Use Mothernature's resource "The Sun" to generate your Own Clean Electricity with Cloud Energy Solar Panels(50W-270W).

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CE LED Bulbs

Super-bright, 80% Energy Saving, Long-lasting LED Bulbs ideal for indoor and outdoor use (9W-11W).

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CE Solar Home Lighting System

All-in-one design, easy operation with plug-and-play media player and inbuilt radio Solar Powered Solution exclusive for Home.

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CE Freezers and Fridges

Cloud Energy Fridge and Freezer provide all-day non-stop cooling with low energy consumption and is solar-compatible.

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Need Affordable and Easy Access to Electricity?

The Cloud Energy Solar Ownership Scheme provides easy access to affordable and sustainable self-generation of electricity for Nigerians especially workers at state and federal levels through the development of up to 8-months payment plan for Solar and Inverter bundles suitable for home, offices, shops, schools, etc.

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