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18INCH Rechargeable AC/DC Standing Fan

This 18inch AC/DC Rechargeable fan by Cloud Energy is durable, long-lasting and energy-saving with wide blades for blowing strong winds. Designed for the Nigerian Market, the 16inch rechargeable fan comes in 2 unique colours and is great for indoor use in homes, shops, classrooms, offices etc.

The fan comes with assistive LED lights, a high-quality lithium-ion battery that provides up to 8hours of power back-up; and an adapter with indicator lights to reveal battery level of the fan.

This product can be charged using AC current or DC current using existing inverter/solar power solutions.

  • ₦34,000.00

18inch Rechargeable
18inch Rechargeable Carton Image

5.6AH Lithium Battery

Remote-Controlled for convenience

18watts Power Consumption


Pure Copper Motor.

Wide & Strong Wind.

Current Consumed: 0.8 A

AC/DC Powered.

LED light.

USB Port for Phone Charging

6 speed setting