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Cloud Energy Photoelectric Ltd is a Nigerian-based Solar Energy Company that is focused on the conservation of energy and delivering its immediate needs. These conservation techniques involve utilizing Inverter Systems, Solar Energy, and the use of LED Energy-saving Lightings for the most efficient conservation of energy.

Cloud Energy Photoelectric Limited was registered in 2013 with the Corporate Affairs Commission and is a Member of the Nigerian-German Business Association. At Cloud Energy, we offer exceptional after-sales support with dedicated Engineers and Client Service representatives while providing alternative energy solutions to homes, organizations, schools, industries, and more nationwide.

What Drives Us

What We Do

We provide alternative and eco-friendly energy solutions for homes and businesses across Nigeria.

Our Mission

To provide affordable and reliable alternative energy solutions that create access to solar energy, energy conservation, and lighting solutions across Nigeria and Africa.

Our Vision

To be the foremost solutions provider of affordable and reliable alternative energy solutions that creates access to solar energy, energy conservation, and lighting solutions in Nigeria and Africa.

In pursuance of The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, Cloud Energy aligns itself with SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy). We believe everyone should have access to affordable and clean energy irrespective of financial status.

That’s our commitment

Our Core Values


Our staff is a team in which people respect and complement the competencies of one another. Every move adds to the achievement of the customer’s objective. The philosophy is a total denial of self while achieving the corporate goal of Customers’ First.


At Cloud Energy Photoelectric Ltd, the customer is a member of the family – we are always close enough to deliver the required Solution, light up your world and answer to the slightest hiccups – perceived or real. Our response time remains 24-48 hours for upgrades, repairs or fresh orders.


The performance of our staff and products would always surpass what we promise. We keep our word to the spirit and letter because the customer remains our ultimate referral. Our basic intention is not profit but to prove to Nigerians that there is a viable alternative to the dismal performance of hydro/thermal power generation in this country.


The team is trained to pay attention to the minutest details and the result is that the customer’s equipment yields optimal results. The dependence on assumptions is zero; therefore, the possibility of failure does not exist. At Cloud Energy Photoelectric there are no small jobs, every brief is important and gets our best – knowledge, skill, talent, energy, insight, and a sound working experience, that’s professionalism, thorough professionalism.

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