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Cloud Energy Solar Bundle
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Save Money with the Power of the Sun

Still paying electricity bills? Get the Cloud Energy Advantage with solar bundles that covers every size of energy needs

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Bringing Power to Rural Areas

Working with governments and international partners, we bring affordable and renewable energy to remote areas, ensuring no one is left behind.

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Batteries Image

High Performance, Rechargeable and Long-lasting Cloud Energy Batteries for more power savings (200AH). 200AH/12V Battery (AGM Deep cycle) and  200AH/12V Battery (AGM Gel)

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Solar Panels Image

Use Mother nature's resource "The Sun" to generate your Own Clean Electricity with Cloud Energy Solar Panels (85W-330W).

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Inverters Image

Dependable Electricity with Cloud Energy Home and Solar Inverters for doing more that matters. Superior compatibility with most electrical appliances (500W-30KW).

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LED Lighting Image

The Cloud Energy LED bulbs and light fittings are energy-efficient, long-lasting, super-bright, have low voltage capability, backed with 3 years guarantee and comes in the Cool White and Warm White variants. They are suitable for use both indoor and outdoor, providing good ambience.


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Stabilizers Image

Cloud Energy's Voltage Stabilizers /AVRs (Automatic Voltage Regulators) are designed with advanced control technology using top quality components. Capable of supplying stabilized power and protection to lights, TVs, air-conditioners, refrigerator, computers, washing machines, fans, duplicating machines etc. in homes, schools, offices, hotels.

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Solar Freezer Image

318 Litres Energy Saving Freezer with Solar Options provide perfect storage for small homes, pharmaceutical or farm storage, or as a standalone where space is limited on boats & RVs. This compact solar-powered unit features a temperature range that allows it to operate as either a freezer or refrigerator. The removable basket keeps smaller items within easy reach.


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Fans Image

Cloud Energy fans are durable, energy-saving fans with wide blades for blowing strong winds designed for the Nigerian Market. The fans are highly energy-efficient, consuming just 10Watts of power, making them compatible with existing inverter/solar power solutions. They function adequately indoors such as in homes, offices, shops, etc.

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Solar Home System Image

The Cloud Energy Solar Home System (Sunbox) is an All-in-one design solar solution exclusive for homes and shops. Its operation is easy with plug and play FM, MP3 player options Lighting and cooling for indoor use. This Solar Home System comes with a 1YEAR warranty.

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Solar Charge Controller Image

The Solar Charge Controller by Cloud Energy is a solar charge controller that function with high efficiency that's almost 30%~60% higher than any traditional charge controller. It also features functions such as system voltage auto recognition, wide range of PV input ,charge for all kinds of battery,automatic discharge control e.t.c. 

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Surge Protection Device Image

Surge protective devices are voltage limiting Class II devices which present high impedance when there is no surge. If a surge occurs, the impedance will drop rapidly to limit the voltage at its output terminals to the specified range. It is suitable for areas where risk of lightning is prevalent.

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Voltage protector Image


The automatic recovery over voltage and under voltage protective device complies with modular design standards. the circuit boards of products adopt good quality electronic components with reliable performance. When the power situation is unstable, It's protective function will be automatically activated. once the voltage exceeds the limited range of products, it will automatically cut off so as to protect the safety of electrical equipments and persons. The device will re-supply after 1 minute, when the power returns to normal.The green indicator displays, when the power is in normal supply.The red indicator displays, when the power is over voltage or under voltage.

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Classic and Premium LED Bulbs Image

Affordable Lighting with choice LED light bulbs from Cloud Energy's Classic and Premium LED light range. Energy-efficient, long-lasting and super-bright, the Premium and Classic LED Bulbs have a low voltage capability and are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, providing good ambience.

View Classic and Premium LED Bulbs

Get the best out of Solar and Inverter Solutions with Cloud Energy's HD DC TVs! High Definition (HD) picture quality, AC compatible, energy-efficient. 32" (12Watts) and 24" (10Watts) variants. 


Cloud Energy’s hybrid inverters adopt MCU control technique and have functions such as multi-setting mode, MPPT control, voltage stabilization on line, short-circuit protection, inverter frequency adaptive, output overload, battery charging management, monitoring etc. High stability, High reliability, excellent performance! They combine the features of electricity generator for household appliances, communication station equipment and computer peripheral equipment.



Cloud Energy's Sunbox Pro series is the perfect Work-From-Home companion for free-lancers, stress-free power support for offices, apartments, businesses, classrooms, hostel apartments etc.This 500watt capacity Solar Generator comes with an inbuilt 70AH Lithium-ion battery, 2 AC outputs, 8DC outputs and 4 USB outputs for charging mobile phones and other devices.


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From Our Blog

16 April 2020

Cloud Energy Donates 100 Sunboxes To The Lagos State Government’S COVID-19 Efforts

Cloud Energy donates 100 Sunboxes (Solar Home Systems) and a hybrid Solar System to a hospital, to support the Lagos State Government’s COVID-19 efforts

22 November 2019

Cloud Energy Uplifts Local Communities

Cloud Energy partners with the Renewable Energy Association, REA, in providing the Sunbox PAYGO Solar Home System - an innovative mini solar-energy system.

2 November 2019

5 Essential Questions to Consider Before Going Solar

So you’re thinking about going solar and you’re probably wondering: Is solar cost effective? Is my roof suitable for solar panels? Will solar energy generate enough electricity to power my home? How I do know if the solar panels are original?