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500W capacity Sunbox Pro is designed for the urban professional to deliver up to 8 hours of electricity to power 1 laptop, 1 DC standing Fan, 3 DC light bulbs, 1 television set, mobile phones, etc. Comes with 2 panels for solar charging as well as an AC adapter for charging with the grid.

Some of the benefits of installing the 500watt Solar Solution include huge savings on energy bills (petrol cost & monthly subscription), improved standard of living, comfort arising from stable, reliable electricity supply, better output & productivity, increased trust between employer and employee. Enhanced communication, better work-life balance, reduce operating costs, increased Profits etc.

180W Solar Panel X 2
70ah inbuilt Lithium Battery
500W Capacity inbuilt Inverter
2 bulbs of 3W each
2 bulbs of 5W each
1 DC panel light
2 AC charging points for Laptop, Television and AC charging
8 DC ports for powering light bulbs, DC fans, DC televisions etc.


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